Indgang til Mosede Fort.


Mosede Fort
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Mosede Fort was an active part of Denmark's military defense from 1916 to 1922.

The construction of Mosede Fort began in 1913, and the building of the fort was completed in 1916. 

Coastal Fortification
The fort is part of the defense system by 1909, and was intended as a reinforcement of Copenhagen's coastal fortification. The aim was to prevent a hostile landing at Køge Bay.

Protection of Copenhagen
From July 22, 1916, the fort was manned by coast gunners, and in the years 1916-18 the fort worked both as a coastal battery, and also as part of the Tune trench line - the advanced trench line to protect Copenhagen. The fort was fully staffed until the 1922.

Denmark 1940-45
From 1923, the fort was used only for practice and test firings, but at the outbreak of World War 2, the fort was again manned by Danish soldiers. During the occupation of Denmark 1940-45 the Germans were occupying the fort as an observation post and prison camp, and after the war the Danish government continued to use the fort as a detention camp until 1947.  

The fort until today
From 1947 to 1970 the fort was primarily used by the Home Guard, as well as for exercises and test firings. Since 1970, the fort has served as public beach park.