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Mosede Fort
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Explore "On the Brink of War" at Mosede Fort

Hands on 
The exhibition is for adults as well as families with children. You do not have to put on your reading glasses. Use your ears, eyes and hands to learn about an important yet forgotten period of Danish history. A period that changed the lives of the Danes forever.

The exhibition has distinct interactive elements that require your active involvement.

Concrete redoubts on the beach
Set off on your own exploration of the historic concrete redoubts in the fort's ramparts and at the surrounding beach. Here soldiers kept guard, ready to sound the alarm if the enemy appeared.

On special days, you can meet the soldiers patrolling the fort in old uniforms from the period.

It is possible to book guided tours in English for groups throughout the year
Do not hesitate to contact us on this matter. We are looking forward to give you and your group an unforgettable experience.  

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