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The stories told about the Great War are normally stories about trench warfare and the clash and collapse of empires. When a different perspective is chosen, it is usually the story of the home front. How life went on and production was maintained whilst so many men were at the front. You hardly ever hear the story of how neutral states had to navigate between the belligerents to stay out of the war.

The exhibition at Mosede Fort tells the story of how Denmark constantly had to balance its neutrality between Great Britain and Germany. And how this balancing act led to ever increasing state interference in society, laying the foundation for the Danish welfare model.

Book a guided tour and hear the story about the Great War from the perspective of the neutral state. On request, the tour can put special emphasis on, for instance, trading with the warring states, prisoners of war, the strategic significance of Denmark, or how the war in many ways constituted the foundation of the Danish welfare model.

Pre-booked guided tours (1 hour)
During opening hours, and Mondays, between 11 - 15: DKK 800
Outside opening hours (see above): DKK 1600

Special guided tours (90 minutes)
During opening hours: DKK 1,600
Outside opening hours: DKK 3,500
Special guided tours are for groups with special requests and interests.

Please note - a valid entrance ticket is also required for all persons in the group.

Guided tours can be booked by appointment throughout the year.
Please call +45 2031 1914 or mail

Guided tours must be booked at least 14 days in advance. The tour has a maximun of 15 persons.